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Legal Support for Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Severe windstorms can cause a lot more damage than most people think. Not only can high-speed winds tear at your home or business, but they can also send trees and other objects flying into your property. In the aftermath of a windstorm, you might notice damage to your roof, gutters, windows, siding, garage door, and other vulnerable features of your home’s exterior. When your insurance doesn’t seem willing to help, you can turn to an attorney for legal assistance.

At Robert J. Gonzalez, Attorney at Law, I guide my clients through the insurance claims process when they need extra assurance that they’re protecting their right to recover benefits. Most of my clients, however, come to me when they’re expecting an unreasonable delay with their claim or after receiving a denial of benefits.

As a wind damage claims lawyer in Corpus Christi, I understand how difficult setbacks such as these can be. That’s why I strive to help my clients exercise their legal options to recover what they need to get things back to normal.

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Will My Insurance Cover Wind Damage?

Insurance for homeowners and commercial property owners may cover wind damage, but only to a limited degree. Most basic policies don’t include this coverage. There exists a specific type of insurance for windstorm damage, but even this niche type of policy can leave property owners high and dry once the conditions for coverage are considered. Lastly, keep in mind that wind damage may be distinguished from hurricane damage or hail damage and covered separately.

You can count on your insurance company to pay you as little as possible or to deny your claim. If you feel you aren’t being fairly treated, you can contact a windstorm damage claims attorney for help. When you call me for help, I can investigate your situation and inform you of the legal options you may have to pursue compensation.

Can I Sue My Insurance Company?

Initiating a lawsuit against your insurance carrier isn’t something to take lightly, but it may be necessary when you are being unfairly treated.

Here are a few reasons why policyholders decide to sue their insurance carriers:

  • The insurance company failed to conduct a reasonable investigation of the property before denying the claim.
  • The insurance company failed to make a decision on your claim within a reasonable period.
  • The insurance company delayed a payment or failed to provide a fair and equitable settlement.
  • The insurance company discriminated against the policyholder for their race, ethnicity, sex, religion, or another protected characteristic.

If you believe any of these reasons or something similar to them played a role in your experience with your insurance company, I can help. With nearly 40 years of experience representing clients for wind damage claims in Corpus Christi, I have what it takes to help you exercise your rights and potentially recover compensation.

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At Robert J. Gonzalez, Attorney at Law, I offer each potential client a free initial consultation. This is an opportunity you can use to tell me about your situation and hear from me about how I can help. If I think I can help you fight back against a denial of your claim or an unreasonable delay, we can work together to help you reach a better outcome.

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