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Working in an oil field is dangerous. Injuries are common, and workers’ compensation is there to help handle most of these issues. Sometimes, however, these benefits are not enough. Extensive injuries could cost far more than workers’ comp allows, leaving you in a financial bind.

Furthermore, work injuries are often not the employee’s fault. Gross mismanagement can create a hazardous environment for employees. When this happens, you need someone to help hold your employer accountable for their misdeeds.

The team at Robert J. Gonzalez, Attorney At Law is dedicated to protecting those who’ve been hurt by another’s negligence. Our attorney has decades of legal experience, and he is ready to help put that skill to work for you.

If you’ve been hurt in a Corpus Christi oilfield accident, contact our lawyer today for a free consultation. You can reach our office at (361) 993-3333.

Injuries You Could Sustain on an Oilfield Job Site

Slip and Fall

There is a common misconception that slip and fall accidents are the fault of the person who fell. Many people believe that these injuries are the result of someone’s carelessness.

This is simply false thinking, especially when you consider the job oil workers do. There are slick surfaces everywhere, and it’s easy to trip and hurt yourself. Furthermore, you could be high up on a rig and experience an equipment malfunction, plummeting toward serious harm.

Our team can help investigate your fall. If we see evidence of management or fellow workers creating a dangerous environment through negligence, we can use these facts to help get you the financial compensation you deserve.

Injuries Resulting from Improper Training

It doesn’t matter if you are an office worker or a firefighter. No one should be doing jobs for which they are unprepared. This is especially true on the oilfield. Everyone should be properly equipped to use the machines and vehicles. In many cases, they must earn certification beforehand.

If your management is giving jobs to those who aren’t properly trained, this is a serious safety violation. Let our attorney look into the facts of your case. If our team sees evidence of bosses cutting corners and creating a hazardous job site, we can step in and help.

Exposure to Poisonous Gasses

Gas exposure is sometimes a standard part of the job. It should not, however, go completely awry and result in workers getting hurt.

Your bosses should always provide necessary ventilation and other protective equipment when workers are exposed to gasses. Cutting corners can seriously injure workers, which is criminal and unnecessary. When your employer’s behavior leads to your injuries, you deserve financial restitution. We can help.

Exposure to Fires or Explosions

When working around oil, sometimes conflagrations are unavoidable. Sometimes, however, they are the direct result of gross mismanagement. Your employers could have a disorganized site with people mulling around, increasing their risk of contact with flames. Bosses can also use poor equipment or fail to follow standard safety regulations, increasing the risk of fire injuries.

Our team is here to examine the facts in your case. We can spot examples of employer negligence, and we can help hold these people to task.

Compensation in an Oilfield Injury

Any money you spend as a direct result of your injuries can be reimbursed in a personal injury case. This includes money spent on medical treatment or property damage.

You may also be able to recoup any money you lost from missing work. Similarly, you could recover potential earnings. This is money you could have earned if your injuries hadn’t hurt your career path.

You may also be able to recover non-economic damages in the form of pain and suffering. This is extra money designed to pay you back for your misery.

In cases of employer negligence, you could also be entitled to exemplary damages. This is extra money a defendant must pay as a form of punishment. It also sends a message to other negligent bosses to clean up their act.

If you’ve been injured on an oilfield in Corpus Christi, call our lawyer today for help. Our number is (361) 993-3333. You can also schedule time with us online.

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