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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions regarding your specific case? Do you need answers about your future and how an attorney can help? Contact my office, Robert J. Gonzalez, Attorney At Law, and schedule a free case evaluation today!

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  • General Questions

    • Why should I speak with an attorney?
      You need an attorney because the law is complicated and difficult. Oftentimes it is different than what it seems. It can be a maze. Let us help you work through your case.
    • Why do I need an attorney?
      The question actually is, "why wouldn’t you speak with an attorney?" Your future and freedom is at stake. Consultations are free and there is no risk or obligation. Attorney Robert Gonzalez has extensive experience and knowledge that can help you protect your future and your freedom. Contact me today.
    • Will I have to go to court?
      Each case is different. Many cases settle out of court. Some cases have only hearings and some require a trial. Call (361) 309-9332 and I can tell you what might happen in your case.
    • How long will this process take?
      Most cases can see a resolve in six months to a year; however, some cases may go longer. Statute of limitations, investigations, discoveries and other varying factors can all play a role in how long your case may take and if the case will have to go to court.
    • What types of cases do you take on?

      At Robert J. Gonzalez, Attorney At Law, my office handles a variety of cases, including:

      • Criminal defense
      • Family law
      • Personal injury
      • Bad faith insurance claims
      • Wrongful death

      If you have a specific type of case you are interested in, contact my team right away.

    • Do I have a case?
      It’s simple, call my office right now and we can discuss your case and determine how to proceed.