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Motorcycle Accidents Get the Compensation You Deserve

Corpus Christi Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you love to ride, you also know how dangerous doing so can be. Car drivers can treat you like just another vehicle on the road, without considering how vulnerable you are. They can pull up too close, pushing you to go faster. Sometimes they simply don’t realize that the lightest touch of your back tire could end in disaster.

Motorcycle accidents can leave you severely harmed. Insurance coverage is often capped, which doesn’t help much in these situations. Some serious injuries cost millions of dollars to treat in the first year alone, and that doesn’t even include the annual cost of maintaining your quality of life.

If you’ve been hurt on the road, you can trust the team at Robert J. Gonzalez, Attorney At Law to help. Our attorney has been practicing law for decades. He has the skills and qualifications to help you seek financial justice.

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Injuries You Could Sustain in a Motorcycle Wreck

Skin Damage

If you are in a motorcycle accident, you are almost certain to suffer skin injuries, even if you are properly covered with equipment and gear. Your skin could be exposed several ways, and it can easily drag across the road or other surfaces. On the less severe side, you could suffer minor cuts, abrasions, and bruises. On the other extreme, your skin could pull away from the tissue underneath, requiring urgent surgery to reattach.

Head Trauma

Motorcycle accidents can send you flying and landing with unpredictable results. Your helmet is an important piece of equipment, and it can protect you from many devastating injuries. It is not, however, a magic item that will always keep you safe. Even if your head is properly covered, you could easily experience a concussion.

Head trauma can be life-changing. It can permanently alter someone’s mood, sending them into fits of rage, depression, and delirium. Extreme damage can affect cognitive abilities, reverting someone to a childlike state.

Broken Bones

It’s important to repeat: A motorcycle crash can send you flying. You could land in any number of painful, damaging ways, and this can easily lead to broken bones.

Even the smallest bones can require a lot of time, energy, and money to fix. You may need to undergo surgery and therapy to continue your current quality of life.

In the extreme, a broken bone can alter your life completely. Spinal injuries can leave you permanently paralyzed. This will force you to continue treatment for life along with altering your home, car, appliances, and so forth.

Compensation You Could Receive from Your Motorcycle Injuries

Whenever you are hurt through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to financial compensation. Essentially, the law recognizes the impact an injury has on your financial wellbeing, and it can work toward paying you back.

Medical Bills

Any money you directly spend as a result of your injury can be reimbursed. This includes doctor visits, treatments, prescriptions, surgeries, and so forth. You may even be entitled to compensation for mental health recovery.

Lost Income

When an injury keeps you from working, you can be repaid for the time and money you missed. You may even be eligible to receive lost potential income. Perhaps your injury slowed down your career trajectory, forcing you to stop your continued education or making you miss out on a promotion. A personal injury case can recover that money for you.

Pain and Suffering

There may be no amount of money that can pay you back for your misery. A civil case, however, can use complex formulas to calculate how much you deserve to pay you back for this pain. If you receive this extra compensation, it will help make life more comfortable as you rebuild and readjust.

Exemplary Damages

Texas can also award you exemplary, or punitive, damages. This is extra money a defendant must pay when their actions have been egregious or grossly negligent. It punishes them for their behavior, and it sets an example for others who may try to do the same thing.

Our firm is ready to help fight for your rights in a Corpus Christi motorcycle accident. For a free consultation, schedule time with us online, or call us today at (361) 993-3333.

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